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Born in New York City thirty something years ago, her  Mother is from Germany, her Father is from Guatemala. Sassy is truly bilingual and bi cultural. She thinks, writes and speaks German as well as she does English. She also speaks fluent Spanish and French and is learning Italian. She travels all over the world looking for new and rare spanking materials from every culture she encounters 
She earned her BA degree from Pace University in New York, her Masters Degree from the University of California at Riverside. She spent a year working in England and then 4 more years teaching English in Germany. Sassy taught literature at UCLA while working on her PhD in English. She is a founder and the President of a national marketing company with over one hundred employees. This was a start up business six years ago there is good chance it will be a "INC 500" company this year  (one of the 500 fastest growing private companies in the United States)  
She is a true anglophile and gets "over the pond" as often as possible.
YES I am a real live girl.  I  have been thinking (and hoping) of going over a loving man's (or woman's?) knee from five years old or so. I held this all in until I was over 30. I felt embarrassed and "alone" for over twenty five years.  Now that I'm "out" I feel I was given a very special gift.  The site is dedicated to all of those of you that for many years thought you were alone or that something was wrong with you. You are not alone! Studies have shown that 2% of the worlds population have a spanking fetish of some type.  That adds up to about 40,000,000 people and that's only the WOMEN. I have met many, many wonderful people in the spanking scene.  I find them to be as a group, intelligent, well adjusted, successful and good parents and mates.  I can't sit as well as I used to but I am A LOT happier.  Please have a look around and come back often.
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Many of you have asked if I have any more photos of myself over a knee and/or being spanked with implements both dressed or undressed.  Yes, I have many more photos, and will continue to have them taken on my adventures in the future.  As I get the time I will have them scanned in and put them on the site.